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Number one in google search engine now 01 01 2016 and top ten for over 3 years. "FREEDOM for Syria" search.

Page #29 07 June 2017 to Dec 11

A blog dedicated for reporting the FREEDOM fight events in Syria and ISIS removal from both Syria and Iraq. by those watching over the events.  Posting news from contacts in Syria and Iraq. as well as outside on the events as they happen.  Reports that the main media news fail to report or report days later.

This site is open to all to comment and share info the truth about Syria.

There is no better way known than to allow the words of those living the truth to be posted for all to see.  Than to post the words from those living it everyday.

This blog remains to support the fight for FREEDOM Syria by posting information of current events in Syria.  For those that wish to understand the fight and the reason for the conflict between the current government and the FREEDOM fighters, as well as the fight against the ISIS in Syria.  How it started and why has been documented on the blog as well as many other events for those interested in human rights or the treatment of humans in other countries.

This blog is not meant to glorify the horrors or advertise the actions of those that wish to terrorize others.

All are welcome to comment, if within the rules of the blog rules.