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Site Rules

This is a site for current information about the struggle for Free Syria, for the words of Free Syrians inside and outside of Syria: to get their views; their words out to the world. We fight for the words of those inside Syria to be heard. You are invited to be part of this work.

These are our site rules:
  1. On this site, bloggers work together with one common purpose: to support Free Syria. Our goal is to bring Free Syrian voices and the truth of what is happening in Syria, to the world. Any attack against that purpose or against another poster (including insults or personal innuendo), on any comment page within the blog, will get you banned (blacklisted) from the site.
  2. The goal of this blog is to provide fast, readable news with addition pages of other resources on the struggle to free Syria. The emphasis is on Syrian Freedom voices, not foreign commentators' voices. You are invited to contribute news. We hope that by working together, we can build a 24/7 news cycle with supporters of Free Syria all around the world, without needing any one person working for unhealthy, long hours.
  3. No spam: Repeated posts of the same, or virtually same content, will be treated as spam. Accidental duplicate posts can easily be deleted by the person posting. However, if you need to be asked by a moderator to delete the repeats and fail to do so, the moderator will do so, and you risk being banned.
  4. This blog does not conduct any fund-raising and does not promote or endorse any fund-raising or aid organizations for Syria or other causes. Appeals MAY be posted on the FFS blog pages. However, if you wish to post a donation request message, do not include a link to the online donation page. Include ONLY a link to the aid organization itself so that readers can properly evaluate the organization for themselves.
  5. Discussion is separate from news: Extended discussion and debating is not allowed on the News page. A separate "Editorials and Discussion" page has been provided for both published opinion pieces, and for blog debate and open discussion. The page link can be found in the left sidebar.
  6. If you see an item you want to discuss on the blog or external source, just paste it into a post on the Discussion page. You are welcome to post a brief note on the News blog inviting others to join you for discussion.
  7. Questions about a post and discussion can arise naturally on the News page. However, if you are asked by a moderator to move a discussion from the News page and take it to the Editorials and Discussion page, but fail to do this, a moderator will do so, or if you refuse, you risk being banned. Posters have the right to ask you to move as well, if you fail to move on their request you risk being banned.
  8. Brief blogger comments can be added to a post but must be clearly separated and marked as your own, ie. "MY COMMENT" , a separator line, or a combination of both.
  9. Reinstatement to this blog is possible. To request reinstatement after being banned, contact the blog owner at the email address provided in the right sidebar, and include for consideration your proposed text of apology to the blog and, if a personal attack was involved, to the poster you attacked. If approved, it will be posted by the blog owner in advance of your reinstatement.
  10. Sources: Facebook, web pages and private sources like phone calls/direct messages/emails: NO SOURCES ALLOWED, because naming sources inside Syria can get Free Syrians killed. Each blogger posting news is trusted to evaluate the news item for probability of truth and accuracy. If in doubt, label at the top "UNCONFIRMED".
  11. Tweets: Tweets are already public, so the tweet source (tweeter ID) can be included.
  12. The above rules are subject to sensible change over time.