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Syria Reports by Frysia

Aircraft, Airbases, Foreign Fighters

Reports are frequently updated on our Current News blogpage by Fryzia ( and maintained on this blog page.


Airbases: who holds them?

Airbases are currently under heavy siege and being taken by the Free Syrian Army, and being liberated.  Which ones are still held by the regime, and which are still operational?


Aircraft in the Syrian Revolution

Defected, Down and Remaining
The number of downed, destroyed on ground and defected is not "synthesized" - it is collected from different sources (intels, radar, radio & others) by Israeli security and intelligence


Syrians tend to use the word "scud" as a generic for the many types of missiles in the regime's stockpile.  Many are cheaply engineered copies. Others are more sophisticated than real SCUDs.  

Regime forces

These are made up, approximately, as follows:
-- 20% army, including mercenaries (i.e. Iranian regulars, Belarus snipers and pilots)
-- 80% shabiha, including associated local groups and foreign goons. 

Assad's Allies Killed

Cumulative list of foreign fighters and mercenaries, killed fighting for the Assad regime. 

For Free Syria

The International Brigades 

Foreign fighters killed in action fighting in any of the battalions facing the regime.  Just the fighters. No journalists or other civilians.

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