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Current info: Syria News
This site is open to all to comment and share info and the truth about Syria.

There is no better way to allow the words of those living the truth.  Than to post the words from those living it everyday.

The colors on the top menu reflex / honor the FSA and YPG / YPJ Kurdish troops martyrs in their flag colors.
As always if you wish to have something added or have a suggestion  just let us know.  We will do our best to incorporate it onto the blog for others to see.

Note:  We (team SDH2) are continuing to support the fight for FREEDOM Syria via this blog.  However the support staff can not report every movement due to the status of the fight for FREEDOM Syria.   But other posters are welcomed to report the status of the fight. We are not able to report all the info we have knowledge of due to the blog is open to all on the web.  Protection of those reporting the events inside Syria remains number one.

Thank-You all for following the blog over the years for info on events Syria FREEDOM and for posting info.

Team SDH2
30 12 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: all the major armed groups of the Syrian rebellion & their dynamics
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Don't place judgement on others by ones belief, but ones moral belief.  Judge me not by written words in black and white, but in the person I am.

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Team SDH2
March 26 2016