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Number one in google search engine now 01 01 2016 and top ten for over 3 years. "FREEDOM for Syria" search.


Link to Maps by maker Karybdamoid
Among the best of current maps of the fight for Free Syria.
  • If you want to ask about a map or figure posted by Karybdamoid, please do so on Twitter to: Karybdis @Karybdamoid

Basic maps of Syria:

Quick Links to wikimapia by area You can zoom in and out or change to satellite view as you wish.  New tab opens when you click on the link
Southern area Syria Darra
Northern area Syria Aleppo Al-Raqqah
Central West area Damascus Palmyra Homs
Eastern area Syria Deir Zoor Al-Raqqah
Damascus and rural areas
Aleppo and rural
Homs and Hama
Lattakia and Tartus

Syria cities and towns map 
Syria airports map
Syria Main Military Bases

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