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Number one in google search engine now 01 01 2016 and top ten for over 3 years. "FREEDOM for Syria" search.

Blog Owner Statment

With this highest respect to all I wish to let all to know that the blog  respects all and wishes only to allow those living the events words to be seen or heard by others.  The best location of the fight for FREEDOM SYRIA, that's being reported everyday, every hour, and even months ahead of the reports you may see on your daily news reports.  Yes some reports are hard to view and yes some reports hard to believe.  But it's truth not reported by media by those in Syria and documented here on the blog.  The words from those living it, the videos, photos from them for you, the outside world to view for judgement.

Syria FREEDOM FIGHTERS have always ask not to have others to place boots on the battle ground.  It's our fight not yours, but help us have freedom from the regime rule Assad.